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Master the Future of Work | Jennie Byrne

Episode Summary

My guest on this podcast is Dr. Jennie Byrne, who wears multiple hats. She is a co-founder and chief patient officer at Belong Health. She does coaching through Constellation's PLLC, and her debut non-fiction book Work Smart - Use Your Brain and Behavior to Master the Future of Work is now available! We talk about working remotely and the many things that Dr. Jennie has discovered about how to succeed in a hybrid/remote world of work. She shares that it's actually less about technology and more about understanding ourselves as human beings and being intentional about how we choose to work together. We discuss the craving for human connection and empathy, time management, and communication, the explosion of asynchronous communication, and how to make the most of both synchronous and asynchronous communication. We discuss the danger of "confetti time," managing your empathy limits, and more. I think you'll find this conversation will offer some great insights into today's world of work. Find her book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRR6QPM1 And, find Dr. Jennie here: drjenniebyrne.com and on Linkedin.com/in/drjenniebyrne/

Episode Notes

Dr. Jennie Byrne lives to connect the dots between people and ideas in new and unexpected ways. She is a clinical translator between segments of our complex health system - clinicians, finance, operations, data, technology, and research. She has strong people skills and enjoys bringing psychological savvy and EQ to complicated problems. Clients have called her a triple threat because:

1) Clinical Experience - nearly two decades of clinical experience as an MD/PhD
2) Entrepreneur - founded and grew a clinical organization through the entire life cycle of inception to exit
3) C-level Leadership - led teams to create and innovate clinical programs as a C-level leader

She is also the author of "Work Smart - Brain/Behavior/Creativity and the Future of Work

Connect with Dr. Jennie here: drjenniebyrne.com and on Linkedin.com/in/drjenniebyrne/