Speak Like a Leader

Mindful Authenticity and Vulnerability | Ulrike Seminati

Episode Summary

This week I speak with Ulrike Seminati. She is a communication coach for leaders. She has a background as a corporate communications executive and she combines the doing of leadership and the being of leadership. She's got great perspective and her message of authenticity and vulnerability may be surprising, given that she's based on Zurich and supports a lot of buttoned-up European companies, which just gives it more credence, in my book. I think you'll enjoy this conversation. We discuss a wide range of important leadership communications topics like the big challenge of communicating over the small screen, the insecurity it brings up for all of us, and some best practices and things to avoid. We also talk about the fact that in our current work environment, authenticity only grows more important for real success as a leader. We talk about how authenticity requires courage but is worth the risk and discomfort. The only way to truly connect with people, create actual trust, not please everyone, not be liked by everyone, and might even get in trouble, but it's a conscious decision... People often leave a large percentage of themselves outside work. And it's the opposite of what works. We discuss how this is both different and the same for women in the work world and how mindful authenticity and vulnerability are some of the secret weapons for women to get into higher positions. We discuss the value of public speaking and leadership communications training and the fact that the people who are truly amazing got training. Just because we talk all day doesn't mean we can't benefit from great training and many top leaders have never gotten any training, they just think they should be good, naturally. But, no one is good naturally. It's a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it!

Episode Notes

Ulrike Seminati is a leadership and communication coach with over twenty years of experience in shaping award-winning global communication and leadership programs across a variety of industries. Building on her experience as a C-level executive, Ulrike combines her knowledge of excelling in the corporate world with powerful self-development techniques to allow leaders across the globe to lead with charisma and authenticity. Ulrike also believes that female leadership is one of the biggest untapped potentials in the world, which led to her founding Empowering Female Leaders, which helps women leaders and entrepreneurs flourish and confidently carry out their vision of their careers.

Find her at https://ulrikeseminati.com/ and at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ulrikeseminati/