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The Habit Mechanic | Dr. Jon Finn

Episode Summary

Joining me today is someone with whom I feel a real kinship. Dr. Jon Finn is a Leadership consultant, he is the best-selling author of 'The Habit Mechanic' & the founder of Tougher Minds® – An Award-winning consultancy where he is the Chief Habit Mechanic. We find out more about what that means in today's episode. Dr. Finn and I discuss a wide range of topics centered around the new understanding we have of how the brain works and the many ways that our past models and understanding of the brain sold our true abilities short! We discuss the reason we evolved brains, how BDNF, which is released when we move, is like fertilizer for the brain, we talk about the terrible disservice that Pop Psychology has done to our understanding of habits, the fact that, according to George Lakoff, we are operating sub/unconsciously about 98% of the time - and that fact that this puts a premium on the 2% of the time that we are acting consciously. We also discuss the fact that learning is our superpower as human beings and then discuss the fact that tech companies and marketing companies and streaming services and smartphones are all attempting to hijack our superpower of learning and turn it to their benefit. Most of what we think and do is automated... but that is not mirrored in our systems, which leads to disappointing results, but that can be fixed! It's a very interesting and important conversation! And Dr. Jon Finn will be back in about three months to dig deeper into his book The Habit Mechanic - so grab a copy of his book, read it, and send me any questions you might have for Dr. Finn and I'll ask them in the second installment of our conversation! The Habit Mechanic: https://www.amazon.com/Habit-Mechanic-Fine-Tune-Brain-Supercharge-ebook/dp/B09VNNY3GR/

Episode Notes

Dr. Jon Finn founded the award-winning Tougher Minds consultancy and best-selling author of 'The Habit Mechanic'. He has three psychology-related degrees, including a PhD and has worked in performance psychology, resilience, and leadership science for over twenty years.

Tougher Minds uses cutting-edge insights from psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, and world champions to help organizations develop ‘Habit Mechanics’ and ‘Chief Habit Mechanics’ – Resilient people, outstanding Leaders, and World-Class teams.

Having trained and coached over 10,000 people, Dr. Finn and his colleagues work with global businesses, high-growth start-ups, individuals, elite athletes, coaches and teams, leading educational institutes, government, and think tanks. For podcast episodes and free resources, visit: tougherminds.co.uk and find him on LinkedIn

Don't forget to grab a copy of Dr. Jon Finn's book, The Habit Mechanic