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Mindfully Wise Leadership | Keren Tsuk

Episode Summary

Dr. Keren Tsuk is a keynote speaker, consultant, and thought leader in 21st-century leadership. She is the author of Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leader, and she joins me from Tel Aviv, Israel. We have a very fun discussion about one of the first leaders who really influenced her and her work in corporate culture and leadership; we discuss a very low moment and what she got out of it, the main challenges for leaders in today's organizations, and environment, how crucial it is to be mindful in this atmosphere of uncertainty, and what mindfulness really means. It's a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Episode Notes

Dr. Keren Tsuk is an organizational consultant and leadership expert. Her Ph.D. is in leadership at 21st-century organizations. Keren specializes in helping companies and teams reach their full potential using mindfulness techniques. Keren focuses on senior management teams, helping executives find their inner wisdom and maximize their leadership potential. Dr. Tsuk teaches at IDC Herzliya and Lahav Executive Education at Tel Aviv University.

Find her at: www.wisdomtolead.co and connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerentsuk/

Get her book on Amazon: Mindfully Wise Leadership: The Secret of Today's Leader