Speak Like a Leader

The Ultimate TED Talk with Sebastian Wernicke

Episode Summary

In today's episode, with Sebastian Wernicke, we talk about the TED Stage, the unexpected gift of speaking at TED, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, big data and the future, big data and German engineering, the post-Covid future and more.

Episode Notes

Dr. Sebastian Wernicke serves as Chief Data Scientist at ONE LOGIC, a German software and consulting boutique for massive-scale data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Sebastian originally studied bioinformatics and previously worked across disciplines from strategy consulting to building massive-scale platforms for genetic data analysis. With well over 4 million views, he is also widely known for his TED Talks around data and statistics.

Sebastian also gave a funny analysis of TED talks in his own talk "Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." Click HERE to watch now!

In his talk, Sebastian uses the tools of statistical analysis to develop metrics for "The Ultimate TED Talk" based on user ratings. According to Sebastian, the most successful TED Talks include:

  1. A topic that listeners can connect with easily and deeply.
  2. A delivery that is strategic about its diction, references, and presentation.
  3. A visual that sets the mood on the stage.

Using these findings, Sebastian has created the tedPAD, which serves as a tool for everyone to create their own ultimate TED talk.